Empower your business by leveraging the internet to manage your reservations
for your 'Bed and Breakfast' or Inn from anywhere.

The annual cost is:
150.00 USD or 15.00 USD per month for 1-8 rooms
225.00 USD or 22.00 USD per month for 9+ rooms


Benefits and Features:

Don't be dependent on your own computer for managing your reservations.
   If your computer breaks down, or becomes disabled due to a virus, your reservations are safe.
   Use any computer to manage your reservations

Reservations are stored and backed up in two servers in different locations.

New features are added without upgrades needed

Manage your reservations from anywhere
   While traveling, you can manage or monitor your reservations from any computer with an internet connection

Security measures are taken to protect credit card numbers
   We store credit card numbers for you and are stored encrypted

   Print a daily list showing arrivals, departures, room changes, rooms occupied with # of days occupied,

Comprehensive reservation search and views in table form
   View any month by table form with rows of rooms by columns of days

Feel free to travel and easily stay in touch with your Reservation Management System